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Male FertilityThe Solutions to Increase Male Fertility

There are various reasons for infertility, the most common being low sperm count. The average count is from 120 to 350 million sperm cells for every cubic centimeter. Low sperm counts are those that are lower than 40 million for every cubic cm. Sometimes sperm count is alright but the sperm cells aren’t healthy as in the case of those with poor motility and abnormal morphology.

Reasons for Male Infertility

Other reasons for male infertility are poor sperm motility, dilated veins in the scrotum, undescended testes and excessive exposure to substances called xenoestrogens such as chemicals with PCBs and DDT, as well as pesticides and other industrial pollutants that imitate estrogen effects. Congenital abnormalities, nutritional (especially protein) deficiency and urethral constriction are other factors. Infectious diseases of the reproductive parts such as the storage tube for sperm cells, testes, seminal vesicles, urethra or prostate and endocrine diseases affecting pituitary and thyroid glands may also induce infertility.

Increasing Male Fertility

Ten to 20 percent of the male population have low sperm counts. This is the first stumbling block that you need to get around with, either through natural means and through infertility centers, when the former will not suffice to increase male fertility.

Natural means include lifestyle overhauls such as quitting smoking and reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption. Processed food such as deli meats should also be avoided. You may also want to ditch artificial sweetener. Too much heat can also affect sperm count as heat suppresses sperm production, so you may well avoid long sessions in hot tubs and saunas. Detoxify by drinking a lot of water.

You should also exercise regularly to maintain weight and reduce stress and anxiety. Stress can be tolling on sperm count. However, be careful not to overdo it because overtraining may leave you exhausted and may also result to loss of sexual drive. When you are aiming for conception, ejaculate less regularly. Allow sperm to accumulate. You should also take natural supplements such as zinc, vitamin E and vitamin C. To improve sperm motility, amino acids such as L-arginine may help. The best overall supplement(s) a man can take are listed in the Penis Enlargement Bible program as they work to increase sperm volume, health, and the amount of ejaculate.

If you would like some more great infertility concern tips or need other infertility information, I highly recommend checking out sites like Web MD and have a chat with your doctor.

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