Can the Master Cleanse Increase Fertility?

male infertilityCan The Master Cleanse Increase Fertility And Fix Fertility Problems?

I had a friend send me this article and he swears that it helped him and his wife conceive, so I figured I hadn’t posted in a while and this seemed relevant.  Please note that I strongly believe that you should consult your doctor before trying a cleanse and if you and your partner are having troubles getting prego, consult a fertility doctor.  For more on fertility issues see here for women and here for men.

Now with that in mind, read on.

The master cleanse diet, also known by some other common names like the lemonade diet, the master cleanse fast and even the maple syrup diet, has had much publicity over the last few years at its claims to curing long-term health problems such as body toxicity, obesity, diabetes and even immune disorders. Many argue “for” and “against” these claims and the master cleanse fast has been a heated debate for many years.

Many claim the master cleanse can help a person lose weight up to 40 lbs. or more while others say it does very little to achieve this. Ultimately though, the master cleanse is used as a detox diet in which to help rid the body of disease.

Although this article isn’t for or against the cleanse, I will discuss a few concepts that have been widely shared, argued and agreed upon in the way of the Master Cleanse and increased fertility. Can the master cleanse really fix fertility problems? Or is it just fad “hype” and a group of individuals who simply “want” to believe in its achievements. We will look at both sides of the argument, starting with those against the cleanse.

Common concepts of those “against” using the Master Cleanse to increase fertility:

It has been highly argued between medical professionals, dieticians, and a number of others that the master cleanse is nothing more than snake oil. The master cleanse, according to some, is extreme and possibly dangerous with both long-term and short-term side effects. In addition, it can also be argued that conventional medicine combined with good general health, diet, and exercise is often a cure for many disorders, including infertility.

Common concepts of those “For” using the Master Cleanse to increase fertility:

The master cleanse diet, which many believe can help them flush their body of excess toxins, heavy metal and years of built up waste can help create a healthier environment within the body to possibly induce fertility. Many believe (much like birth control) that the foods we eat are so highly ridden with hormones from the meat, dairy and other foods we eat, this could definitely cause fertility problems in which the master cleanse is said to cure. The idea is that we use the Master Cleanse fast to literally “flush” the overabundance of unhealthy hormones from our bodies and regulate our natural cycles.

The master cleanse benefits are still highly argued to this day as you will find those extremely “for” and “against” the idea of the detox diet. While some believe it to be a master cleanse scam, others find it to make complete sense in the natural health world.

It is important that, whatever you decide, that you make careful considerations on your health both short-term and long-term. While other believe the master cleanse is dangerous, many believe that it is dangerous NOT to consider the master cleanse diet has a way to literally cleanse the body.

Make sure you always keep penile health and wellness in mind!

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