Effective Penis Enlargement

effective penis enlargement

Make your penis extra large with effective penis enlargement

We reside in modern times where talking about topics that were otherwise considered taboo earlier are coming out of the closet. Subjects, like being a transgender or a cross-dresser or being a lesbian which was never even touched in the recent past, are discussed in depth in today’s world. So why not talk about the ornament of male pride, ‘The phallus.’ If you are the kind of person who believes in the visual of the size of a man with a giant phallus and desire that size then you have come to the right place. We give you the penis enlargement bible, a step by step guide to growing your penis size naturally without any side effects and with desired results.

You may also be wondering what the ideal penis size is. Well, we’ve done the research so check it out.

A man’s self-respect should not be linked with the size of his penis. Even then, we cannot shy away from the fact that ‘size does matter.’ Especially if you have a lover or are recently married and it comes to the topic of sex and giving her ‘the big O’, your penis size is just a huge psychological help to her, something that you can boast of too, in your private moments. Also if you are kinky and like it when she plays with your organ a giant penis is going to drive her crazy. But most important of all, it is just such a feel good factor. So if you are a man and want to be a bigger male entity, grow your penis size and feel the difference in your self-confidence, sexually or otherwise. This guide is an in-depth book, that is guaranteed to grow your penis size substantially in just a few weeks. Proven methods by scientists and experts and their ‘sex-pert’ advice lay hidden in this encyclopedia which we aptly call, ‘the penis enlargement bible.’

This book destroys the hype and hoopla around public opinion of taking pills or steroids or the use of alternate methods for the enlargement of your penis. Basically, this edition opines strongly about not venturing into the territory of pills or any other manufactured supplements. These are not natural, and even when they show initial results fairly quickly, they destroy your hormonal balance eventually. Many side effects like male breasts and testicular cancer (see how to perform a proper self-exam) result from the consumption of such medicines. Natural penis enlargement is by far the best methodology to grow your organ. When we say natural we are sharing tips for the body to know what is happening hence helping the body adapt to the changes occurring. Such a method is everlasting as the body’s support system is fully capable of sustaining this change. Hence you won’t feel any different nor will you be exposed to any harmful effects like the ones discussed above. The result will be the growth of your penis into a size that you never imagined. This award-winning edition understands the need of men for having a desirable and attractive size of the organ. Hence a maximum amount of research and thought has been put in to compile this book.

The pe bible edition has many ways for healthy natural methods to help you out. We choose to not get this out in an electronic copy, because of a number of books available on platforms like Kindle etc. that revolve around the same topic. We do not mean to defame the writers of the same but they are individual contributors whose research is based out of the internet, whereas ours by doctors that specialize in this field the reason for which we would like to hold our book in the highest regard. We would like to share a few tips with you to give you a gist of what the book contains.

Penis enlargement method number one

  • Hold the tip of your phallus to the grip that it is tight but not cutting off blood supply.
  • Once you have that pull it so you feel it has stretched but not to the point that you feel pain.
  • You should feel this pull in your penis and below that.
  • Keep it stretched for about ten seconds and release.
  • Rest and repeat.
  • Do this for around ten times in each setting every day.

Penis enlargement method number two

  • Pull the skin of your willy backwards.
  • Have the other fingers of your hand support the lower part of your penis.
  • Hold onto this position for around ten seconds to fifteen seconds.
  • Release
  • Rest
  • Repeat
  • Do this five times a day for maximum results

Penis enlargement method number three

  • Use one hand to the tip of your penis and grasp it tight
  • Use your second hand at the base of your penis and grasp it tight
  • As bad or cruel as this may sound, pull your penis with both your hands in opposite direction.
  • You should feel the pull inside your shaft.
  • Keep yourself in this position for ten seconds
  • Release
  • Rest
  • Repeat.
  • Do this for ten times in a single setting

Effective penis enlargement exercises video

These methods may sound a little harsh and difficult to perform, but the penis bible has many other tricks which are way simpler than these ones. The advantage of having a hard copy of any book is that it has a physical presence. Anything that has a physical presence becomes a part of your life. So this book can be your ultimate reference guide for your entire life whenever you need it. So can also take down notes and observe which methods suit you the best. Other methods can be found on PE Gym here.

You can see more  of the top penis enhancement exercises by clicking the link

The introduction of this male enhancement bible will change your life for good and forever. Maybe if you have a large organ you would just feel like getting toned and fit as well. So order today and we promise that this will be the most effective and needed thing that you have ever gifted yourself. The book is available with us. Limited stock, so hurry!


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