Ideal Penis Size

What is the Ideal Penis Size

Let’s take the guessing out of the equation.  So many guys are borderline obsessed with whether or not they are more of a man than their partner’s ex, or how they measure up next to some random in the locker room. On top of that we’re always just a little curious about what women will want out of our penis size… so clear this up. Below is a chart that was assembled from multiple studies and surveys from academic institutions.

So Does Penis Size Matter?

Ideal Penis Size chart

What can we learn about what penis size woman really want?

The Ideal Penis Size is Between: 7.25 – 8.25 inches long and 6.25 – 6.5 inches in girth (circumference).  That’s more than an inch and a half longer than the average and more than 2 inches more than standard girth. Sometimes nature just doesn’t play fair.  

Personal I don’t sweat it, I would have 2 years ago, but since then I’ve added 2 inches to my package and have a solid 8 by 6+.  You can see how I did by reading my Penis Enlargement Bible Review.

Personal Note: I’d just like to say that while the chart above is taken from studies, I’ve never met a woman that’s 100% down to be railed or plowed deep with a solid 8 by 6.5 inches. That’s huge. If you’re rocking a 6.5 – 7 by 5.75 – 6-inch dick, take my word for it, you’re fine.

You can add an inch in length or girth, and if you do you’ll have a big dick.  Not every guy wants or needs a bigger penis, so cut yourself some slack and take a step back from all the hype and social pressure.

If at the end of the day you want a bigger penis, okay, great. Buy PE Bible. 

How do you know what the average penis is?

It’s actually pretty easy to find out. You can see it for yourself pretty easily by checking it out the national average size as recorded by condom sales.  On average condoms purchased over the last 10 years have been:

  • Length – 5.5” to 6.3”
  • Girth – 4.5” to 5.1”
  • Diameter – 1.4” to 1.6”

So on average men are 2-4 inches off the mark in length and 1.25-2 inches off the mark in girth.  Did I mention you can fix that with PE Bible? Seriously (it’s just as simple as the right combination of PE exercises and supplements.  You can also see how to properly measure your penis size on the review page.  Better to know what you’re really starting with than lying to yourself and looking pathetic.

Speaking of Concoms, here’s how to choose the right one (because for some reason a lot of men still don’t know).

To be fair, it can get tricky with different brands using various and inconsistent standards of measurement, you may just want to take a condom and measure your erected penis alongside it to gauge whether or not it will fit well. If nothing else there’s an app for that.  Check out this mobile app. it will give you a hand in getting your length and girth for choosing the correct condom. The app is from

Hope this article helps to sort out what the average and the ideal penis is and what you can do to achieve it and avoid the self-loathing of penis envy.

PS: Here’s a good infographic I found:

does penis matter?


  1. Hey man I really like that you may be selling some penis enlargement program, you still make it real and are honest with the averages and how guys shouldn’t feel bad about themselves. That’s tight.

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  2. Saw this on facebook really nice site buddy. I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve used Bathmate before but I found that I was loosing sensitivity so I stopped. Give this a go and let you know how it goes.

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    • Thanks, brother!
      Yes, you have to be pretty careful when using any kind of pump, even hydro.

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