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Below are several video testimonials I’ve collected regarding PE Bible from the prospective of real men that have used it or tried it.



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What truly makes a good book? The answer is how it engages its readers, great content and genuine information. These three are the main reasons at least when one is devouring pages after pages of a book that contains scientific information. Things may slightly vary if the book is a self-help book or a biography or fictional of nature. Specifically, here we want to try and discuss aspects of the book that contains the subject of penis enlargement. A physical edition of the Penis Enlargement Bible e- book should be an ocean of relevant information that should be scientific, appropriate and something that should make perfect sense to the reader of this book. This should be like a bible that opens the doors to superb information.

PE bible testimonials of a book for penis enlargement should come from socially and professionally recognized individuals who have won many awards and honors in the field of the same. These can be doctors, scientists, and researchers. One should not believe in a writer whose qualifications do not match to the subject that is being written. Ideally, a good penis enlargement book should contain scientific tips to grow the penis naturally, healthy methods that cause no harm to this extremely delicate body part, and answers to ifs and buts, all sorts. The book should extensively cover all aspects of penis enlargement and maybe jot down a little bit of philosophy as to why penis enlargement is a good option. The book should serve as a self-help book where in an individual who is all set to try the methods that this book talks about, should not need any external individual’s help and should be able to try out and practice all these methods all by himself. The book can be deemed truly successful only then.

A lot of the book’s success can also be based out of reader engagement. The book should always keep a reader on his toes. Do remember that a book reader is an intellectual with an individual mind that has its own opinions and judgments. So the content should support this idea and make sense to the reader. Otherwise, the reader is not going to react very positively to the same. The element of ‘tried and tested’ methods should be all over the book and the book should portray genuine concern and care for its reader. The emotion behind the thought needs to be conveyed in an apt manner. The readers of this book are most likely to be individuals in their sexual heat, newlyweds or middle aged men. Tips have to be devised as per your target audience. So one should consider things like their schedule, their idiosyncrasies et al. Finally the book should be complete with no loose ends. A writer of such a book should be very conscious about what he wants or what he wants to achieve. Otherwise, the book is bound to lose its direction sooner or later.

A reader is reading of this book is reading your book for three reasons, these reasons being, social reasons, personal reasons, and relationship reasons.

Social reasons: Men in gatherings always boast about the might of their organ irrespective of the fact if they are being true or untrue. Other ones keep mum because they are afraid to socially admit that may be their organ is not as big as the men they are with or how the porn industry visualizes it. There is also a lot of banter on social media, gossip magazines pertaining to this topic. So these men also want a healthy and a huge penis. They don’t want to take pills or other harmful supplements. This is where your book comes in handy. Your book’s aim should be this. To help such men achieve their dream size via the methods that you propagate. You should be like their messiah.

Personal regions: This might sound strange but men associate their image with the size of their sexual organ. Self-image for some is truly associated by their sexual qualities. Psychiatrists like Sigmund Freud have given a huge importance of a man’s attitude and development towards his sexual instincts in his overall personality development. Your book should try and break the linkage between the size of a man’s sexual organ and his self-image. On the other hand, it should motivate a man to grow his penis size without associating it with his self-image. If you help him achieve this he is guaranteed to be a lifelong fan of your work and will follow and read all the books that you publish henceforth. Helping someone is overall personality grooming along with natural methods to increase his penis size is a good objective to start with when you outline the framework of your book.

Relationship reasons: Men have firm beliefs that their female partners can only achieve maximum physical pleasure if the size of their penis is huge. The fact is this is not true. Actually, penis size has nothing to do with feminine sexual pleasure. This should be broken down in your book. Help somebody clear their misconceptions via the medium of your book and put the reader in a win-win situation. Such misconceptions are only going to make a man under confident and that is never a good sign for a man considering the traditional roles that men have to do as per social perception.

Most importantly the book should give results in the time-frame that the book promises to give results. If the book does not then the book is misleading and useless to the reader. PE Bible results have to go with the promises made in this book. They should not fail your readers. If you follow all these steps religiously your book is guaranteed to be a super hit. It is a great venture undertaken for the cause of men. To match up, produce excellent and quality writing that helps men get what they want.

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  1. I’ve actually had very good results using pe bible. I started 2 moths ago off and on but I’ve noticed a increase. You can use that as a review if you like.

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    • Thanks for adding your review mate.

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