Penis Envy Self Image and Male Self-Esteem

Penis Envy and Self-Esteem

Penis Envy and Self-Esteem

“The center of a man’s existence is his penis. At the root of his self-worth is how he feels about the size of his penis and what he thinks about its ability to please his partners.”

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Penis Size And Self-Worth

A lot of guys put a lot of stock in their member. If you’ve seen other guys in the locker room or ever watched porn before, you’ve probably felt insecure and you’ve managed to convince yourself that somehow you just know that most guys have a bigger dick than you. It may seem strange, but as men our dicks have a large hold on our self-image.

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Listen guys, we grossly underestimate our penis size relative to our “perception” of the average man, which is equally overestimated, relative to what most women actually want. To be fair, most guys are on average between 6-6.5. Now you’re no rock star at that size, bu nor should you have any issues with it. It’s a legitimate and respectable size. Be proud and more on. Otherwise, read my PE Bible Review, buy it and add as many inches as you want and have more self-confidence than you know what to with. Either way.

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Other Tips

Working out your penis is the new hip trend. People love to look good and possess a great body that is either lean and well toned or big and muscular. All the efforts that one takes to exercise and look good are of no use when it comes to the judgment day. Suppose one has a hot date and it all turns out well and at the exclamation point of things she gets disappointed at the size of the wood how would one feel? Not good right? So when so many efforts are being taken to improve body dimensions why not take one extra step to exercise your ‘willy’ as well. It may sound a bit strange if one hears it for the first time, but as experts work on their thesis it is but obvious that they would be devising newer methods to make human lives better. One latest experiment that has turned out fine is the Willy workout or exercises to help the healthy natural growth of one’s penis size. The physical edition (p.e) of the penis enlargement bible lists such exercises. Utilize the pe bible exercises to impress her or just for the feel good factor that improves the self-image about one’s manhood and overall health.

This version of the penis enlargement bible exercises lists exercises that optimize your top penis size. Well researched and tried and tested exercises are encapsulated thoroughly and throughout in this book. Agreeably, no known ailments have been associated with the size of one’s penis, but there is no evident harm in trying out these exercises to get the size of the penis big enough to be impressive. The advantages are nothing but high. You will end up impressing your girlfriend or your spouse along with gaining and sustaining a healthy self-image. Ideally, a healthy self-image is not to be associated with a man’s penis size, but if you are getting an aid to growing your penis why not add one extra dimension to your already healthy self-image. The exercises noted in this book are all natural and the book does not propagate the use of medicines or steroids for penis growth. The results are guaranteed and the writers of this bible are confident about the same because they have studied several cases through their own eyes wherein they have seen fantastic results in a very short period of time. The PE Bible is one the most effective Penis Enlargement systems.

You can use your favorite or try out multiple exercises enlisted in the pe bible exercise section of this book. Most readers pick and choose their favorites after trying out possibly all the exercises in the extensive list of this book. These exercises are easy to perform and can be looked at as a fun activity. It is definitely a better alternative to just sitting idle or watching Television or surfing the internet. An exercise of any body part is after all the exercise for the body. So grab this book today and venture on the path of a healthy, natural and a large sexual organ.

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  1. Penis envy is a very real thing and speaking as someone that has lived 30 years of his life suffering from it I can tell that though making your penis bigger helps it doesn’t solve the problem. You have to work on your frame of mind and mental health just as much.
    Good site.

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    • It’s a big problem in our society in general. We like to sensationalize things and blow everything out of proportion, including how big a guys junk has to be. I bet you know better than anyone that it’s more important to feel good about yourself no matter how big you are.
      Thank you for the comment. All the best brother.

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